The Uncaused Acid - Nit Pickin

Small things are great

WHen we talk development I do believe that one should mention that miniature valves that lots of people really gets happy about. Yes, this has nothing to do with what some people think about it and I do believe that the indutry and the development that we are seeing today is something far greater than what lots of people think. Yes, this has to do with the French revolution that happend over a hundred years ago and I do think that this is a far greater accomplishment then none ever did before, counting in the pyramides.

Good solutions for communications

There is something special about the information technology that we have today compared to what we had before. Yes, the technology that we have today is getting us further and further and this is really something that cannot be forgotten. I do believe that we have a future on this and why not just make sure to use Adactus products for all the purposes that is possible? Yes, these products are of high standards and thats why you don't get only this but also all things that can be done. I do believe that we have something here and ...

Golf trip

I'm soon going on a golf trip. Me and some friends are going to play some golf in France. I've never been there before actually so it's going to be interesting. But I've heard that the golf courses there is great! So I'm really looking forward to play there. I play a lot of golf here at home but I've never tried it in another country before. And it's great to have some friends with me as well so I don't get bored or something. I can't wait!